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HERES SILICON VALLEY IN WINTERTIME CANT FIGGER OUT WHY IT SELLING PRICE SO MUCH TO BE A RENNER IN CALIFORNY All that snow......... all all of them beaches......... NEEEE-HAUW!!!!!! fergot that link there.... here it be nowYour desperation is showing which means you probably are unemployed as well as your shacks aren't fetching any sort of income. desperate with this, desperate for who Actually, I'll confess something here that is % obvious to other property pros on this board here. The standard vacancy rate through Silicon Valley is around %. Well, that's the *standard* vacancy quote. What then if you have....... ZERO vacancy. Just what the fuck presently supposed to do with yourself. It's FREE-TIME HELL. - Should you perform... Major makeovers? NAH..... does in no way make business sensation. Most modern materials (paints, carpets, trim, lumber, gypsum, lighting fixtures, parking lot supports, coin-op laundry devices, garage door openers, sprinkler systems, sinks, garbage disposals, counter tops, cabinets, tile, linoleum, AND SO ON...... ) .......... Most advanced materials last AGES. - Okay, what about knocking on the doors with the customers and coming into contact them up? Hah hah, try that with an annoying accent plus mannerisms. You'd bare the fucking buildings overnight. So there you are. Full buildings. NOTHING to fucking can. So what I actually do is.... vintage bicycles. I got a lot of em. Frankly, I'm tired of this shit. This is *not* how fundamental people live. I'm fucking DESPERATE all right. I want a Stanley Druckenmiller. Or a Michael Burry. Or John Paulson. Maybe Cliff Asness and / or Neil Hennessey. I want to be a super-doo. Bay area rents are stuck at grades The total employment in main Santa claus Clara county tangled at levels available K total work opportunities. Facts speak. The rest is bullshit.fact, is useless and doesn't speak at all. It must be in conjunction with another datum from comparable magnitude. You're isolated figure is, well, all by themselves. Romney is an ideal man.

problem management skills I know is it doesn't weekend but I a not coping well which includes a new boss. this approach person is moody, unpredictable, inconsistent in decisions (says a thing then makes you decide to do the opposite). the boss is normally sarcastic and rude and overbearing in terms in which the guy speaks to individuals. I can not last and get to quit. comes with this happened so that you can anyone before? Now i'm searching for a different job but isn't going to last ay my best present job until finally I find 1. I will really have to leave and quit to step out of my depression. exercise helps however it is not during the: - work day so could there be any advice from others in lieu of "exercising" to address stress? what market place is this?? maybe there is anyway to use less time with the boss? Take your leave of not enough? Vacation? Sick weeks? (you are going out of anyway) Doesn't good healthy. You really need to move on. Channel your wrath into something productive like searching for a job. This is an effective motivation for people.

once granny dies, and which is to food information stamp food information stamp be soon the majority of people have to have only direct put in, bill pay together with ATMs, and will avoid branches including the plague, so if perhaps CUs and community banks deliver which usually free or pretty much free, who requires a for-profit bank? lots of good old folks actually consider going to their bank factored in their social lifeinternet loan providers already offer every bit of thatI like to work out a building sometimes. Or an authentic address. Just possibly not that trusting. Numberally Bank, EverBank, Netbank Surely you've seen those? They've been known for ages. You could still do bodily deposits at particular non-internet banks that seek advise from your internet commercial lender. ^ Amer Share, Discover, Capitalall haveYes however have offline expenses to pay. The whole point connected with an internet-only bank can be that that overhead is complete away with. We with an word wide web bank since plus haven't paid any specific fees whatsoever with involvement with checking as very well. Minimum balance was initially $, pretty very similar to any other mortgage lender. Netbank was near downLet's a holiday appetizer recipe holiday appetizer recipe ssume granny provides a really large house. one of just some beneficeries. Would you wish Grannies estate's rely upon a really significant bank, or a nearby credit union as their upper management makes a specialty of turning bank gains into personal pays? How does her estate size really make a difference? Internet Banks happen to be FDIC insured for example brick.

Attain Financial Freedom In!! Learn how to gain financial freedom over the following months working from their own home. This is not a get rich quick scheme and only for people curious about earning $ +week while building extra income. To find out more visit What to watch while you are unemployed.... "Office Space" and even "The Office" Viewing them made me feel a whole bunch better about simply being unemployed. Good luck work hunting and struggling with crappy jobs, all people! Keep your chin up... Old thing. whats up hey everyone very first time that hereHi there... Now i am pretty new myself. I had been more of a lurker but then decided to create a handle so i could post. Precisely what is your story? Hello my good friend Welcome to our community! BEST professional advice ever... not any joke must sit back and watch this tv industrial spot. great help... if nothing otherwise, it's pretty humorous! some of us could use a laugh... of which explains why I'm an excellent CSR. i posess zero patience for it again, among other factors. Does anyone produce an alternative to accessline? Bad service, going on per month of intermittently not being allowed to hear the customers right after they in. Accessline can't decide the problem, does anyone employ a suggestion for phone tree service? Thx commission rate for selling employee benefits? What is the commission schedule for individuals that sell employee positive aspects? Do you get this amount for the very first month each employee renews, every 30 days,??? Do you obtain a bonus if they renew following the first year? Very well, that's all with regard to today folks My duty has become d Just keep in mind, in the end, a righteous womb will always overcome these undesirables who lead us down market owning seafood market owning seafood the wrong path. Believe! ^^^Doesn't have even a seat around the table! (yawn) Covering Sales? Any current or ex roofing sales reps in existence? Curious if this sales job really pays well. You will discover ad's all over and I understand most are monetary fee based only. Precisely what is the average commsission, the time to get it rolling? Thanks.

Through $***, *** in order to food stamps activities of nonfrugal Through ***k/Year to Foodstamps < - > /:: The way the fuck they become food stamps keep in mind that a house of that ranking? God fobid they would need to sell their home bring back tacky 'backyard pool' together with slum it within a *** square foot condo apartment or maybe god forbid the wife it is fair to find a jobPoor finances management? I guess that will happen to there are many, City Govts. as well as State Govts., most likely later than before. They have no equity and in addition they have no finances and they will soon need to rent a small-scale apartment. I guess people didn't watch the whole thing. TOUGHT FUCKING wwwwwwwwwww- UNSIGHTLY UPPITY FUCKS The guy most certainly looks well fed and then the 'wife' looks likeof these simple high maintenance, na weather in uruguay weather in uruguay gging, materialistic kinds. Both should learn the meaning of humility and then the 'wife' should receive a job instead associated with spending her days shopping for the mall$. an time, I don't think this wounderful woman has any money to shop. I think they're just learning it at this point The wife could possibly stop whining and additionally contribute, I am at hand there. They really should not be on foodstamps. No hause check in years and still there in the property, Just shows this banks don't provide a damn anymore considering the fact that Uncle Sap do away with mark showcase and went to mark to earn believe. I'd choose to thank Al Sha daily horoscope numerology daily horoscope numerology rpton in addition to NBC for ensuri ng I'll stay from prison even in the event I'm found blameful. I funny intellectual quote funny intellectual quote f we even ever reach trial Thanks For a second time, GeorgeThey just intend the riots to start to allow them to and fema camps many ordered. When the riots get started in buy dick cheney's older company stockI don't even think they have all clue how they're com plicating a trial at this time. If the Prosecutor isn't going to think she/he'll have a relatively win they'll diminish the charges. If by many chance they feel they need to go balls out it can be overturned on elegance. Zimmerman is being good as free of cost.

Very little says great country's economy like a couple of cashgold places examining and offering to buy anything no questions demanded of the dissolve value. Did anyone open one? May seem lucrative. It was in the past f calabash seafood restaurant calabash seafood restaurant ucking INCREDIBLY cost-effective, if you could not mind gang bangers to arrive and selling you someone's a wedding ring and shit stricktly designed for cash. They are usually bullish on PM HOURS.

Expecting to serve in Chi town I just went to downtown Chi town (the loop). I am searching for a serving job which sounds an easy task to get but actually isn't. Anyone know of good money making dinning establishments in or across the loop that is without a doubt hiring. I have quite a few experience. Maybe stop by Michigan Ave. Take the El to mention Lake or Clark Water and apply at loads of places... there will be some high-end websites with high website visitors (tourism), and I see that Starbucks has great clinical benefits too (I'm simply being SERIOUS HER baker photography ohio baker photography ohio R, in no way sarcastic). Good Fortune! Just got so that you can beat the roadway Have you submitted an application during the correct hours to every manager knowledgeable? I doubt that. If you'd completed the footwork, choosing hired by these days. Probably within restaurants hit you will find a job. There have to be a place ON LINE where I can choose and receive the career I deserve as being an American citizen. Why should Really easy to implement walk, going from spot for their place? Have you seen what the next wind storm is like to choose from? Going to placesontakes time which is not convenient to do. Plus I will not want people looking at me and suspect that I need organization. better yet abdominal muscles just click and purchase they can deposit money in your account, that waywont have to take a little time out of ones own busy schedule to signify up for give good results, make sense so that you can meYes, that's why I presume MLM is theBetter hints The loop typiy will serve the Chicago internet business class. Like the most important poster said, Mich avenue is fine. Expecially the to the north end, lots regarding places near Watertower. Along with the hotel restaurants. Solely from friends' knowledge, they'd rather work nearer to the tourist blotches, as they're better tippers in comparison to the average business lunch or dinner. Chicago Reader has a bunch of restaurant job adsThank everyone Thank you those advice. I might be knocking door that will door around Mich Ave this few days and hopefully someone will talk to me. Thanks again-hypsrvrGold Seaside I hear the jobs around the Gold Coast prosper - there are a number of restaurants furthermore there.